A New Way to Drink Water

Chances are if you have been in to Rafter Eleven you have seen the variety of flavors we offer when it comes to both olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  There is also a good chance that you have tried a few and have talked to a few of the team members about different recipes, salad dressings, or other ways to cook with balsamics.  Yet, did you know there is a healthy way to use our delicious balsamics in your daily routine without even having to cook?

Now it may sound crazy, but hang in there with us!  Add anywhere from a small splash up to about one tablespoon of any of our flavored balsamics to your water and give it a sip. Yep, that is it! 


The water takes away the acidity of the vinegar component to the balsamics and all you are left with is a healthy (and let’s be honest, better tasting) alternative to flavored waters that you buy in the grocery store.  Plus with our mini bottles of balsamics that have twist tops you can bring your favorite flavor with you wherever you go! Perfect for a fun way to stay hydrated in this Arizona heat. 

Not only is this delicious and hydrating but there are a lot of health benefits as well.  Many people have been going on about the benefits of apple cider vinegar, and if you have ever tried it you know that it is not the most pleasant taste in the world.  The great news here is that the balsamic vinegar in our stores have amazing health benefits, taste better, are completely plant based, and do not have preservatives or sugar syrups added to them to make them taste better! They are 100% Natural and only 10 calories a Tablespoon.  You can also add it to your tea or spice up your sangria as well!

Now let’s take a look at the science behind this, because we know it sounds too good to be true.  Balsamic vinegars go through a fermentation process similar to wine, but this process produces acetic acid which is what makes vinegar… well vinegar! It does not produce alcohol though, so balsamic vinegar is safe for all ages.  The acetic acid that is produced kills harmful bacteria, which is why vinegar has been used throughout history as a natural preservative and disinfectant. The smaller amount of this acid in the more palatable balsamic vinegars is wonderful for your digestive health and helps the good enzymes in your stomach and gut thrive.  With this in mind, it is pretty easy to see how it has been a tried and true helper in weight loss and trimming that stubborn belly fat.

So, Not only does drinking more water help you feel fuller, but the way the enzymes in your stomach react to balsamic vinegar keep you feeling satisfied for longer. 

 If drinking more water that tastes great is something that sounds like it could be of help to you, then I highly suggest coming in and trying one of our mini bottles of your favorite flavor.

From concerns such as weight loss, staying hydrated, trying to be healthier, to simply finding a new way to enjoy your day, balsamic in your water is a wonderful way to go!

All of balsamics at Rafter Eleven are plant based, gluten free, and are available to try in store. Our Balsamic is created in Modena, Italy, shipped to the U.S. and all bottling is done ‘in-house’.  Come in anytime and we’ll help you find your favorite flavor! 

Another favorite pairing! 🥥🍋

Here’s to your Health!