A Bit About Rafter Eleven

Rafter Eleven is an eclectic blend of products and personality that caters to the Prescott Valley community with a homely atmosphere. With our collection of fresh olive oils, balsamics, spices, jams, aiolis, and so much more, we hope to encourage and inspire others to use our products to enhance their dishes. The experience doesn’t stop there, alongside easy gourmet that you can bring home we also have delicious homemade appetizers and a large selection of coffee and wine for you to relax with your friends or just simply take a moment for yourself. We also have a dog friendly patio for your furry friends, so you can enjoy a bit more fluffier company.


 The owner, Dawn Wasowicz, calls herself a rancher's daughter at heart. She created Rafter Eleven in the heart of Prescott Valley for three reasons: first to honor the past (Rafter Eleven sits on original ranching land), secondly to pay tribute to her father for providing the Rafter Eleven Legacy of Honesty, Integrity, Effort and Opportunity, and lastly to create a place where the community could truly connect. The Rafter Eleven brand holds great meaning for Dawn. The Eleven represents the pillars of this community:  those who laid the foundation before, the Chamber of Commerce, the Town of Prescott Valley, the Visionaries and the Ranchers. The Rafter, or the rooftop, is the piece that Dawn is creating, a place where Prescott Valley can bring their family and friends and connect. A place that truly feels like home.

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Why Rafter Eleven?
“Rafter Eleven is the name of our family ranch.  My great-grandfather bought the land and named it Rafter Eleven, beginning our legacy of ranching in the early 1900s.  The ranch sits at the base of Mingus Mountain in Yavapai County and today we have about 500 head of cattle. My dad, Bill, who was a rancher, a business-man and the visionary behind Prescott Valley, is the very embodiment of everything that is Rafter Eleven. His Dream was to create a Town, this town, and provide opportunity for everyone in it.  The Rafter Eleven brand is the actual brand my Dad put on every single cow and today is a symbol of quality in a home-like environment”.- Dawn Wasowicz

Rafter Eleven is not your typical venue, it is not a place that will fall into any one category or is easy to explain in the categories provided by our fast-paced internet driven world. Wine, coffee, olive oil, and so much more are in store when you walk through the doors. From freshly baked bread and scones, to a friendly smile a warm cup of coffee, or a glass of wine when you need it most… Rafter Eleven is a place you experience a sense of something more, something that reminds you just a little bit more of home.

From our Family to Yours

We Hope to see you Soon!